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Transvalor is a French company, founded in 1984, and a market leader in editing scientific software for material forming. Several software products of the Transvalor suite allow the simulation of the full manufacturing chain for the forging industry.

• FORGE® is the reference simulation software for metal forming processes meets the requirements of manufacturers of forgings in multiple industrial sectors: automotive, aerospace, defense, energy, offshore, medical…
• COLDFORM® cold forming software is particularly suitable for fasteners in the automotive or aerospace sector and for the stamped parts in the fine watchmaking industry.
• SIMHEAT® is devoted to simulating heat treatment processes of metallic alloys including carbon steels
• and aluminum alloys. The software predicts the final in-use properties for reaching ultimate engineering requirements.
• DIGIMU® provides an industrial solution for simulating microstructural changes during metal forming processes, both at the mesoscopic scale and as representative elementary volumes (REVs).
• Z-SET is a comprehensive suite of integrated analysis programs for general purpose structural analysis, with a special emphasis on advanced material representation.