Sieć Badawcza Łukasiewicz – Poznański Instytut Technologiczny
ul. Ewarysta Estkowskiego 6, 61-755 Poznań

Centrum Obróbki Plastycznej
ul. Jana Pawła II 14, 61-139 Poznań

Łukasiewicz Research Network – Poznań Institute of Technology was established on the 1st of January, 2022 as a result of the merger of 5 Institutes in Poznań. The Institute is carrying out a wide range of R&D works within 6 Research Centres in areas of wood technology, metal forming, rail vehicles, agricultural and food technology, logistics and information technologies.

Centre of Metal Forming carries out research and development work and projects in the field of mechanical, materials and biomedical engineering, automation and robotics, construction and operation of devices, responding to the current market needs. Experienced staff, supported by modern scientific, research and laboratory facilities, develop and implement the results of research works on the technology of powder metallurgy, non-metallurgical plastic processing of metals as well as heat and thermo-chemical treatment of metals.

The Centre’s activity profile includes i.a. development of forging and extrusion processes, material tests, automation of production processes, development of rotational shaping technology, development of the structure, production and implementation of machines, devices and special tools, and implementation of small-series and prototype production series for the customer.