Roedernallee 174 – 176

13407 Berlin, Germany

Since 1908 the GERB group is specialized in solving vibration problems in a wide range of applications. The fundamental objective of the company group is to protect people, buildings, and facilities from vibrations, shocks, dynamic load transmission, and structure-borne noise, whether caused by people, machines, wind, earthquakes, natural disasters or other influences. GERB systems are known for longevity, reliability and maintenance-free operation. The company provides full service: from the conceptual phase to detailed design in our engineering departments, fabrication at our production facilities and installation.

GERB vibration isolation systems consist of spring elements and Viscodampers®. The helical compression springs provide the soft support for high isolation efficiency whereas the Viscodampers® stabilize the equipment. Forming machines produce vibrations, which can be unpleasant or even inadmissible for both the neighbourhood as well as adjacent facilities or components. For cold forming, for instance from servo, crank, or hydraulic presses, there are additional, higher frequencies that add to the noise and vibration emissions.

Together with machine manufacturers GERB developed the direct spring support that is common use in worldwide forging industry. It can also be used for protecting highly sensitive testing and tooling machines, which are often deployed near hammers and presses. Depending on the project-related applications and customer needs GERB designs individual solutions with meeting highest quality demands.