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Company TASTA Armatura was founded in 1994. From the beginning, our company has been producing steel elements for the energy, chemical, shipbuilding, gas and heating industries.
TASTA is the world’s and national leading manufacturer of specialized products (higher wall thickness elbows and tees) used in piping installations in various industries. The commencement of production of higher wall thickness tees and hot forged elbows met with great interest of domestic and foreign customers. They were created on the basis of technology resulting from research and development carried out by the company and patented. These products are currently highly wanted, both on the domestic and global market.
The main products realized in production are;
• straight and reducing tees cold formed by hydroforming in the diameter range of 21.3 to 355.6 mm in accordance with the EN, PN-10253-2 standard,
• hot forged equal and reducing tees in the diameter range from 21.6 to 323.9 mm,
• hot-formed bends using the Hamburg method from 114.1 to 508 mm and hot forged on a hydraulic press for diameters from 114.1 to 323.9 mm,

• bends shaped on a horizontal hydraulic press with induction heating for diameters 168.3 to 610 mm,
• cold and hot formed concentric and excentric reducers up to max. diameter 610 mm,
• steel and stainless steel flanges, flat and neck, up to diameter of 609.8 mm
and a whole range of various types of buttwelding fittings and various welded structures for specific customers’ orders.